Africa Unite!

United we up the odds of success as a continent (Africa), divided we die!...

Our (Africa’s) development as a continent will never be successful or sustainable if the greater part of Africa fails to go at it on a united front.  It’s so darn clearer now than ever, with the onset of a second wave of Ebola outbreak on the continent, that our leadership system is still lacking the fundamental logic and reasoning to manage the success and developmental through joint endeavors. The founding fathers of Organization Of Africa Union (OAU) understood the basics. That our collective drive is far more greater and powerful than caged efforts. For this reason was the agenda once upon a time to cultivate our leadership through formal setting – Africa’s leadership school. It is now even more a capital need that in a time of capitalist mindset as “Frankensteins” hanging over even social welfare, if we don’t revisit the pillars of thoughts of our forefathers we shall surely pay the price dearly dearly dearly. when the eye-opened generation is here. It is no coincidence Bob Marley dedicated a theme song to the words “Africa Unite”.

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