5G to the Enterprise? What’s the play? What makes it a hype or not?

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In a TMForum hard talk , I’ll be sharing my point of view regarding 5G and the enterprise, along some unique perspectives based on 5G Enterprise/Vertical use cases in China. This is a hot topic, a topic that borders on investment, value, customer experience, productivity, growth and digital transformation.

To engineer value in a 5G play is a technically challenging process as is the business model. It requires the provider of 5G services getting to understand the a new “breed” of customers — the enterprises, and effectively building business and operational bridges to get to them. In earlier Mobile Network builds, the focus has been based on the mass market where products were offered on a fixed design basis to a large base. The play into the enterprise space was largely not possible, and for two reasons, the network operator didn’t have the ability to be really agile – as in cloud-native agile, and service providers were ducked waiting for enterprises to walk up to then – which wasn’t going to happen. Then COVID happened.

Digital transformation is heralding into play any useful technology in order to offer new or improved customer experience, along with new value propositions to transform industries and societies. “5G” has a skin in this play, as new technologies demand tactile connectivity at a scale only offered by mobile service providers.

What do service providers think? What do enterprises think? How are vendors like Huawei,and it’s partner ecosystem positioned? Join us on call as we dig into this subject and open the pandora box. Scan the code below to register. See you on the call!

If you missed the talk, you can still register to play back the recorded version. This promises to be a heated chat.

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