Another hit on Microsoft

China readies it's own OS...


The market for Microsoft is fast declining. The olny busines unit really pulling through under the software arm continues to be Office. How is MS positioned for these rough times? Because it’s sure going to continue this way. Are we going to see MS fizzle away too? Or perhaps a royalty sum paid by the Chinese in order to continue a branch  version? Clearly, the space is going to get heavily fragmented as Security concerns rise around operating systems and I/o.
The future being formed is no more around early pioneers but also cultural and social lines. Who are the winners going to be? Google and Android have given birth to a new flavor of Operating System, an Internet based version and Microsoft hasn’t yet caught up in this domain. Already Mac has embraced a new platform that is seeing Apple laugh all the way to the bank. A savvy move at a smart time.
The Linux family of products have equally matured quite well, with many flavors hiding the typical *nix view completely away and proving stable for windows emulation programs to run smoothly. Will a new flavor of linux become the platform of choice for the Chinese government? It’s Opensource, lots of the work already done and richly developed. Forking out a new code line will be quite a short cut for the CN government to have complete capability and control of the working environment, and that will herald in a new frontier of local Chinese skills for linux too. But it’s all a matter of perspective and policy think through. We’re expecting a version lunch in the fall, lets keep fingers crossed… Am hoping to see a wow factor.

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