Big banks own you.

The big bank owns you...

The rising distress call for big banks to be cut down to size from the US and EU are clear indications of a rotten grip hold that capitalism is having on humanity essentially. From Wars to Poverty, Innovation to Marketing, big banks are controlling what’s to be successful and what’s not, what’s popular and what’s not. Big banks funding nations into chaos and creating schemes that bound you to a system or the other. The call must be heeded, but by who? The mass must respond and seek means to steer clear from the shadow of of the humongering capitalist system. The current system of globalization must be altered, we are one people but living under a manipulated state of oneness by one body. The haves and have not schemes should be ripped off. Our collective good should require new creativity funding at the grass root. What medical treatement gets released by who at what time should be bound on humane ground not just profits. Levelling the playing field for people to feel relaxed and connected to a bigger cause than the pleasures of social connectivity should be a new and integrated means to happiness again. It is what brought big invention – electricity, light bulb, the locomotive engine and so on. The “big puppet master” must go!

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