Chinas 1st Tesla ‘Charging Road’

When you create opportunities out of situations...the results are called bold and daring, even ground breaking in some scenarios. And yes, it's turning to be like that even in...

I love it when I read of such bold and innovative stance. It starts simple and well very rudimentary even in thought – no brainer right? But it’s a certainly an impressive step with potential. I know the route from Guangzhou to Beijing, and quite frankly it’s a stretch, so making this bold move is worthy of attention.


Tesla is currently unofficially in China, so i guess that makes it tricky for them to invest in charging stations, yet there is quite a huge drive and interest, and there are talks ongoing to remedy this situation so Tesla can operate within China. BYD is also in the electric car business in China with the government already finding them by way if taxi deployments. What will be the benefit to the Tesla to be in China? Well, I’ll liken it to the surge in bitcoin value when China got on board. You may imagine the rest.

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