Design, My Hidden Passion...

Am an avid collector and critic of design because simply, I love design. Functional and aesthetic designs, design finese, design to induce order, designs that provide simplicity and pivots on solid fundamentals of transformatice design concepts, designs that warm up in you and doesn’t have to boast or shout at you. Good designs. Design is the simple reason nature exists in coexistence. I love design, and no winder some of you will see it initially as strange in my profile as one of my key activities and as well hobbies. I design and adopt designs no matter from where and how without prejudice. Good designs aren’t limited to one place or one “school” of design. I’ve loved design brands and despised many products from them as well.

To me design is a thought process, and the deeper the thinking behind it the better it’s lifetime value. Design must have a primary focus or pivot, intentions, it’s aspirations and indeed what evolution meant. Design is about the details hidden that are yet harmonised into the design cues.
One of my key design cues are simplicity, use of basic trigonometric elements and shapes and adapts smoothly in time and age. It’s no wonder you will notice, especially those who’ve worked with me in the past my eye for detail and logic.

But design for me goes beyond just the  physical outputs or objects but as well what’s behind the “scene”. A piece of code, script and software program must posses good design principles. Given my lifetime involvement in software and applications for personal, business and enterprise use, it’s also fundamental area of my regular day to day work and currently featuring strongly in my new role in Marketing.

Design impacts on visual, language, behavior and attitude, as well as audiotory nerves. My personal addiction to design and my greatest personal committment to design comes by way of a project I did to try and transform an old building into a new one. This project required me applying early days engineering drawing principles, structures and civil engineering to fully appreciate both the aesthetically and functional needs. As an accolodade that stands for my love for design, it’s just a tiny part of what is going through my mind.

One of my favorite designers, especially in the digital age is the well renowned Philippe Starck. Philppe Starck designs deluxe objects and posh condos and hotels around the world. Some of his famous works include Steve Jobs yacht, Les Bains-Douchess and others.
To understand why I identify with his work, it’s just one reason –  contemporary. A blend of modern, futuristic and abstraction are essential cues of Philippes designs.

Design is more than an art of functional and aesthetic harmonization. It runs deep in many people but materialized in few. For me design dwells on fundamental of passion, boldness and timelessness, usability and uniqueness. In software products it’s about a smooth UI, best performance, adaptability to management and extensibility/expandability. Design is a big thing for me and one that taps what you see as well as what is hidden.


In the early days of mobile, a beautiful user interface was ushered in by HTC, with their iconic clock face and beautiful weather app. It was based of bringing functional appeal in n age when smartphones were considered premium handsets.  Called TouchFlo3D, it represented what was to become the future of mobile phones, boasting rich content handling, performance and usability in a handheld form factor.  Software designs are key pieces today as the world turns to Software and Apps as the next gen enablers of data-of-things.


Enjoy this Ted video from Philippe Starck on concepts of his design process. Am counting down to one day when I’ll share my passions with the world.

[ted id=1471]


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