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Africa must really unite!...

Justified Nonsense is my thought of a reasoning that’s makes sense on one side and essentially unthinkable on the other end.
The quote captioned below is one such explainable cases. It makes sense in a purely capitalist setting but morale and longtermwise incentive and myopic. It caught my attention and I’ve decided to catch it as a “bell” to African leadership.


Why is that? Les Funtleyder, portfolio manager at E Squared Asset Management who focuses on healthcare points to two factors. “It’s so rare that it’s hard to get a population large enough to do a trial,” he says, and second, there’s “really no commercial incentvie to do it. There’s no money in emerging market diseases.”

He explains that in a place like Africa, many people don’t have health insurance. Without it, he says, there’s no mechanism to pay for an expensive drug; therefore, pharmaceutical companies won’t attempt to develop a drug that they won’t get paid for.


Where is our right?

Africa has got strong local pharmaceutical companies in some key countries. Companies in Africa can with greater existence of good governance and stability, pool resources together to analyze and deal with threats, especially those in health, welfare and education. The continent should not always live, bow and be incapacitated by colonial divisions that physically separate us in all forms of reasoning. This mindset is equally myopic and fails the test of a greater resolve and accomplishment as a people. If we’d close one boarder in the event of an issue in a country, and yet fail to address those issues collectively by empowering ourselves to relentlessly invest in same, then we’d be working against an unformidable tide eventually.

50 Presidents with a leadership are invited to US to discuss U.S. – Africa relations. What will come of iy is subject to another topic.

Food for the discerning.

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