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Games ON!...


You’d have been amazed if I’d told you 5 years ago that people will pay to watch an already played video game. Hush your beak! Would have been a regular response. As the world gravitates into Capitalists 22.0 everything-as-a-service  becomes a possibility. It’s got several downsides, but to you, the upsides are that you’ve got an opportunity to create your niche and mold it into a service.
Twitch, founded in 2011 as part of now-defunct Justin.tv, has 55 million unique monthly users, and 7 million people log onto the website each day just to watch video game sessions. While Web entertainment is reputedly all about short attention spans, Twitch users stick around for nearly two hours per day on average.
The flipside is Amazon is increasingly interested in building its advertising business and is looking at ways and means to do that. So do the math…For months Twitch, was supposedly putting the finishing touches on a deal with Google . Now Twitch’s suitor has switched, and a deal has been reached with Amazon . The $970 million cash deal is the biggest acquisition in Amazon’s history. In a statement, Twitch’s chief executive said the company would continue to operate independently.
There are a few reasons Amazon would want Twitch, some of them Amazon-specific, others more general. First, a primer on Twitch. It’s a website on which people watch other people play video games. Some of the people playing are experts; others aren’t even all that good. To understand why Amazon would pay for a website such as this, you have to accept one fact: People like watching other people play video games. This consistently baffles many non-gamers, but it’s true. The amazing realization with modern humans is simple un understandable if you’re anchored in one era.
The proliferation of many like twitch is unbelievable. I’m amazed by the number of tv stations dedicated to tv game play, I can count up to 15 so far on my cable feed back in HK, and the patronage is simply disturbing, but it’s just about to start.

Checkout twitch at http://www.twitch.tv


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