Forging A New Service Provider Enterprise Architecture – ODA

Kickoff session of the Open Digital Architecture Sprint 6 Development collaboration. ...

So, on Monday, October 12, at #DTWS, the industry’s most important critical digitalization framework, Open Digital Architecture (ODA), kicked off its 2020 Sprint 6 collaboration lineup with the development leads and over 900 registered interests across the globe. The open sessions covered planned additions, enhancements, updates etc. to the work on the Functional Architecture, Technical Architecture, Security & Privacy Model, Production, Ecosystem Enablement, and others.

The Open Digital Architecture (ODA)

George Glass (TMForum CTO) and Ian Turkington (VP, Architecture, and APIs) opened up the sprint’s activities. The recording can be found here: Be a part of NextGen Business. It is refactoring BSS/OSS and the overall Service Provider Enterprise Architecture and reshaping the traditional procurement and operating lifecycle of the technology factories behind communications service providers. If cloud-native is not a buzz word to you, and governance of architectures across design, development, and operations is important to you, then get ready for ODA.

Happy to be a key contributor and a co-lead to this industry-shaking project. Like OpenRAN, ODA will amalgamate the Information Technology, Communications Technology, and Operational Technology worlds with one interest, business, holistically addressed by the three technology domains. It’s been 3 years developing this architecture through a delibrately meticulous process, that impresses on using consensus, particularly from the “user” point of view – in this case Service Providers, and as well from vendors to agree on the TO-BE way of life. It is applicable to any service providers, so far as you turn assets into service offerings.

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