Google, the Modern day Grinch

Google, the modern day GRINCH, hungers to be a part of everything. No slacking!!...

In the days when the ombudsmen of  communications was primarily the Telco, everything innovation practically had to sit back and wait for others to feel comfortable about. Without contributing to the innovation, Telco handed down the iron fist on what it felt should be allowed on the network or what business model felt “right”.
Now the playing field has been leveled. iTSPs witht their OTT  “Chaps” have now turned Grinch’s in a short while with a master chef of them all being Google. Studying the market everywhere and everyhow, the Search engine giant does not shy away from attempting to replicate cross-provider initiatives at the whim or smell of a something good. Google Plus, Google Chat, acquisition of potentials and so many other initiatives are incubated and born from Googles “playfully serious” Google labs.  Like a big spoilt baby, Google simply wants everything irrespective of the business fit at this point in time. I guess the wisdom here is the vision the giant holds up in it’s faculties. In the future everything becomes “Data-of-Things” and in effect anything done now invariably adds up to that eventuality. So counter the Telco approach Google is learning new ideas and investing or incorporating such ideas into their information ecosystem.
Basically, Google isn’t given anyone the chance to solely have a market space without a competitive product. With strong R&D, capital and experienece in our age of information technology, the modern day grinch that is Google is being well played.
Given the recent launches of live Carrier translation services on forward thinking Telcos like Docomo and SK Telecom, Google is taking another step to bite into that “market”. Google is not going to allow Telco to take it all, so with their latest translation personalization feature, all other subscribers on other Telcos can equally have a piece of the joy too.


Google Now is great for getting directions, checking the weather, looking up the definition of a word, or just searching the Web, but that’s no longer all it can do. With the help of an app called Commandr for Google Now, you can toggle Wi-Fi on or off, pause your music, or ask your phone to read your text messages out loud, all by speaking a few simple voice commands.

Commandr plugs into Google Now’s voice assistant to let you control your phone by speaking to it, and it’s particularly helpful for when you can’t use your screen, like when you’re driving. It works by reading the text that Google transcribes when you speak in Google Now’s voice search.

The app debuted at the beginning of July 2014, but was a bit limited at the get-go. After you launched Google Now, you had to say “note to self” first, then the command you wanted. Just a few weeks after launching, an update changed that, and now you can simply state your desired command, such as “GPS On” or “Raise volume.” Here’s how to get started, and a few ways you can use it.

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