Misled, deceived or playing stupid?

Misled or Misguided...

Democracy in Africa lacks the foundation it needs to yield promising returns and as a result is rather the demise of the larger continent. Pushed, forced and coherced into a system of governance without taking into real considerations the requisite maturity required for sustainable nationhood, Africa is a growing cancer if developing partners fail to change their strategy towards Africa. What we have is like a child that’s growing up without the essential basics for the right adult life – self sustaining future. Priorities are missing, consistency is lost, responsibility to a larger cause is diminished and the playing field is back to the status of a jungle – Let the strong survive and the weak be crushed. It’s no more a society bound by one universal ideology, potential and aspiration to help each other and to uphold our own for the collective betterment of all of us. What must be a social and civic mandate has been reduced to that of capitalist pleasures. This system which is broadening and setting the bar for development higher and more costly will ultimately lead to a global havoc, the potential to arresting the “renegade”  economies almost an impossibility and yet we all saw it coming.

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