Monetizing 5G – Power Grid & Cloud VR Gaming Case

How do you make 5G investments sing for you and the society at large?...

The ongoing discussion to identify killer use cases for 5G may eventually boil down to digital platforms and digital services.

Digital Platforms and Services outweigh selling enhancement to broadband services

This is a brief discussion within the TMForum community about how Huawei and China Mobile worked with verticals and partners to expose 5G network capabilities for use by two enterprises – a Utility provider and a Gaming company.

Monetization in the communication sector has been predominantly linear – and pipe-line based. I think this old approach to accounting for usage and billing for it may have lived its useful years. Telcos need to embrace new revenue models along with business models to successfully take advantage of 5G rollout.

5G revenue possibilities

Positioning an investment strategy for 5G needs to go beyond simply providing enhanced broadband connectivity. It’s also time that Telcos work closely with their national regulators and sector governments to effectively integrate national and regional digitalization programs. 5G is an ecosystem digitalization opportunity and not one that can be relinquished to making access faster.

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