Provocative thoughts

Church and Ebola! Should there be more concern?...


What is the sole purpose of fellowship? Isn’t it to strengthen our community resolve, to champion our belief and most importantly our belief in our well being by leaning on the principles of the bible, that is to help others in need just like our Father in heaven does? To strengthen our individualresolve through communal worship? We wait for others philanthropists to do the favor instead of Church? Can we ask Church to jointly fund the health program for #Ebola?
If churches will remain blind to see that this is a critical call for action, then my faith in Church leadership is diminished? Pastors and “bishops”, irrespective of creed or sect must jointly decree to collectively gather up support and funding through all means to arrest this “cancer”. Churches can do much more than we think, to help change our and influence. the endermic ways of followers, gather up momentum towards solving health and education issues, and at least throw their financial gains from collections towards research and care for an outbreak such as Ebola? Church leadership shouldn’t wait, but ask themselves now, if Ebola becomes a critical disease who will attend Church?

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