The “real” Bipartisan Winner Of This US Election Will Be Director Comey

The Comey strategy The FBI does not have a rebellion on its hands regarding the decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton. In fact, the opposite is true — every...

The Comey strategy

The FBI does not have a rebellion on its hands regarding the decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton. In fact, the opposite is true — every one of the 25 agents who worked on the investigation into her private email server agreed with the decision, Ronald Kessler wrote in The Washington Times.

Kessler’s account contradicts a story in The Wall Street Journal on Sunday that reported an internal feud within the FBI over the Clinton investigation.
Kessler, an author and former investigative reporter for The Washington Post, said though the final decision not to prosecute laid with FBI Director James Comey, it was assistant director Michael Steinbach who supervised the probe.

Steinbach debunked the rumors of upheaval and several other misconceptions about the Clinton investigation at a recent luncheon with 80 former agents, Kessler reported:
The FBI does not record interviews unless a subject is in custody after an arrest, which Clinton was not.

How the FBI played smart and the clever basis he used:

    Clinton didn’t need to be questioned under oath; lying to the FBI is a crime; lying in public, however, is not.
    Polygraphs are voluntary.
    By getting Clinton to cooperate, Comey avoided the drawn-out process of Clinton lawyering up if he went the subpoena route.
    Regarding Comey’s decision last week to reopen the investigation, Kessler said Comey found himself between a rock and a hard place.
    “If he had kept quiet about the reopening of the investigation until after the presidential election, he would have been accused by Republicans of covering up for Mrs. Clinton,” Kessler wrote.
    “By disclosing the new information before the election, he opened himself to being accused by Democrats of favoring Donald Trump.”

And while both sides may not have been hapoy at hisbdecision any ooint in time, history will award him high marks for scheming to get both sides to trust him as well as distrust him. in the end, its the FBI, playing smart to remain completely independent and yet a state institution. As always, you scarificed yiur inegrity to a degree to regain it back in another way. as to how you all individually assess it is a matter of which side youre tilting. as for me am a nationalist!

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