The world is at risk of Ebola, and yet it’s patent dispute holding us to ransome.

Ebola Vaccine Delay May Be Due To An Intellectual Property Dispute...


A world tuned into a system of making money over and above life and humanity.

At the center of the controversy is NewLink Genetics, a small company in Ames, Iowa, that bought a license to the vaccine’s commercialization from the Canadian government in 2010, and is now suddenly caught up in what WHO calls “the most severe acute public health emergency seen in modern times.” Becker and others saythe company has been dragging its feet the past 2 months because it is worried about losing control over the development of the vaccine. But Brian Wiley, vice president of business development at NewLink Genetics, says the company is doing all it can. “Our program has moved forward at an unprecedented pace,” he says. Even if it took another few months, “we would still be breaking a record in terms of getting this into patients.”Wiley says the holdup is “the administrative process”: agreeing on a protocol, getting collaborators to sign the right contracts, securing insurance in case something goes wrong. 

“Lets not worry about those dying now, first settle the dispute on who is getting the patent first, it’s the most crucial thing.” Humanity, medicine, science, and engineering have all surcomed to the Money Market. What was once disciplines to pursue the endurance of life, now hold it to ransome for maximum capital gains, and yet we have only one sided definition for  a terrorist.


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