Uncertainty in the wear space

Google tells Android Wear developers to hold-off their variant of watch faces for a unified API....

Is it a matter of realising a need to do more with Android wear, or Google is rethinking Wear altogether. Either ways Google needs to bring stability and consistency in platform architecture and evolution in wear zone. Repeating the Android smartphone version myriad in the wear industry could arm Apple and Microsoft to boast if better strategies and platforms for unified developer and user community echosystem.


The Apple developer world still boasts of very clear and crisp development evolution, product strategies and most of all version roadmap from Apple. To the point that there are more monetization and value from userbase on iOS than on Android so far. Can Google realize such a steady system of versioning, variants and roadmap for it mobility products soon? Will keep eyes and ears on the ground. We all look forward to convergence of all things Android sooner than later.

In the mean time Google tells devs to hold off on building Android Wear watchface apps


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