What’s driving Internet of Things today!

With rise in connectivity and sensors engineering, the array of things getting connected to our personal area networks, home networks, office networks and to the Internet at large is...

Internet-Of-ThingsWith rise in connectivity and sensors engineering, the array of things getting connected to our personal area networks, home networks, office networks and to the Internet at large is on a fast ascension. The world of solutions that apply the concept of bringing connectivity and control through passive and active means has risen to over 7 billion (current population of the world) now, with expectations to hit 50 billion by 2020 well on track.

The drive to gather data and create insights and information in order to have knowledge and ultimately to have wisdom in managing resources, time and quality of usage will now be handled by autonomous agents for some kind of order, it seems the drive for IoT is definitely towards more efficiency.

The Internet of Things

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My 7 key drivers fueling the Internet of Things all-together.

The key drivers of the trend of the exponential increases in the key capabilities today and the insatiable appetite for automation are:

  • Tiny power, great capability – Power (battery) to enable electronic things is decreasing with larger battery capacity to size ratios improving by the day.
  • Faster and more capable Processor in a tiny package – Processor capability vs size ratio continue to spiral, with small battery banks capable of storing power that was required to sustain laptops. There are cameras and computers one cubic millimeter big.
  • Simplified store and connect – Storage and Connectivity now require less power with more Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on one chip becoming standards of connectivity of things.
  • Proliferation of Sensors with technologies now having more capability to mimic almost all five human sensory nerves today – Seeing, Hearing, Feeling, Smelling and Tasting.
  • Crowdfunding services, helping to unleash and support innovations and ideas to market.
  • Increasing reliance on a personal communication device – Today it’s called the Smartphone, tomorrow, it will be your Digital identity, Advisor, Organizer, Companion and practically can’t live without asset (CLWA).
  • Open Source Data and Software intelligence and algorithms will now be in Cloud with enormous patterns and interoperability  to enable smoothen integration between man-and-things (MAT), things-and-things (TAT) and even man-and-man (MAM).

With these seven key and extending capabilities, the drastic increase in “Turning ON” everything everywhere will only rise. Some of my favorite interesting Internet of Things products and solution out there now include:

  • Smart Sprinkler will control your sprinkler system anywhere, anytime through your smartphone
  • Smart Home Security Canary Security on Chip device that adapts to your behavior at home and alerts you when there is a deviation through intelligent notifications and HD video directly to your smartphone.
  • Smart Lighting Control – Currently a passive capability that controls your lighting from your smartphone, but will rapidly evolve to your light bulbs sensing your presence and mood and adapting to enhance your emotions.
  • Smart Propane Tank A propane tank gauge that connects to an app on your smartphone  so no matter where you are, you’ll always know when it’s time to refuel.

Because the sensor/connectivity technologies continue to become incredibly tiny, capabilities to apply them will only be limited by our imagination. The applications are multiplexing by the day with all things possible for connectivity becoming connected. New capabilities will enrich the intelligence of machines and sensor based capabilities. With todays sensors covering

  • Biological, Chemical, Optical, Magnetic Sensors
  • Smart and Virtual Sensors and Standards
  • MEMS and Nano-sensors

[su_quote]It will soon be practical, that everything on a Human body and between a Human to the environment will soon be connected. Surely very soon, you or your actions will be guided and managed by a “Thing”, and it’s only a matter of time.[/su_quote]


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