A Tesla wannabe? The XPEV P7

Xiaopeng (XPEV) is one of the new Auto manufactures in the China scene, and it started its journey with the launch of its G3. Xiaopeng, like many others is following the Tesla formula with a special twist by releasing a lower cost SUV and a sedan. In 2019 it promised to release a sedan that will compete with Tesla’s model 3, and it did so in 2020 with P7.

Xiopeng P7

The P7 is getting racing reviews when compared to Tesla’s model 3, but it still has a long way to go to prove it’s worth. Consumer ratings are putting it on par with Tesla’s model 3, while the car itself is slightly heifer than the model 3 by 5inches while shorter than Tesla’s premium sedan, the model S by 4 inches. It boasts a neat set of lines with a clean interior look that mimics the Model 3 and Model S. Its design language is quite tricky to figure out, but grows on you with time.

There are 3 Variants of the P7 on sale, with a newer version with stylish eagle wing-hinged doors recently unveiled in Guangzhou this 3rd week of November 2020. Performance wise, the P7 seems to lag behind the model 3, but with some interesting quirks thrown into the bundle, it makes it an all round well pitched offering.

The future of EV is unfolding at fast speed and the promise of Connected Vehicles with sound business models makes it even more interesting. Under the hood, the P7 offers a slew of connected entertainment and driver assist capabilities with onboard 5G connectivity.

The Auto maker, XPENG is promising full autonomous driving in early 2021 as soon as China’s regulator gives the green light. It is partnering with Nvidia for its Xavier chipset which offers superior computational capability versus the local chipset which is offered on standard models.

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