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Google Map android refresh on the move......


In the same week Foursquare is testing its new app supposedly richer context features that boast of in-neighborhood friends connection and activity sharing, Google maps is as well refreshing it’s Android map with a new feature that’s supposed to offer similar capability to users.

Google quietly slipped out a big upgrade to Maps’ local discovery features on iOS a couple of weeks ago, and today it’s Android’s turn. Once your device gets the refresh, you should see a new Explore guide that offers suggestions for things to do based on both context and your tastes; it knows not to point you to a nearby park when it’s raining, and can suggest breakfast spots the night before you need them. In that sense, Google Maps could become a solid alternative to familiar location-based recommendation apps like Yelp andFoursquare. Don’t be surprised if it takes some time for Explore to arrive, though. It’s just starting to reach Android this week, so you may have to rely on other tools for a little while longer.

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