Man, the unbound “animal”

Teleportation sneaks towards reality...


The mind of man, and the being are unimaginably set for a course to explore, seek and find. But there is a catch to it, could this also mean that “man” is actually so alone in this galaxy that supposedly it must in it’s search to find also “force-create”.

Many of us were huge fans of TV dramas – Star Wars and Dr. Who. These were invariably mind blowing adventure series that kept us completely amazed and tingled about the imaginative stories that excited our minds. That, what started off as a dream in many ways is materializing in our world today from cars to automation to robotics and more.

One man’s mind creation has become anothers scientific ambition. Theory turned into physics experiments to truly factualize the theoretical concepts. In marketing this is concept-to-market. There is a difference though, concepts to be marketed have realities of practical use in the mass sense or somewhat plausible for profitable sales. When the market gets saturated with a particular product or service, conceptualized models are drummed up to infuse traction. Sometimes it’s innovation, other times it’s simply adding some form of value.

The recent advances in science around many circles is particularly amazing. The marketing of these scientific advances through engineering successes is a marvel at how the mind of man can undeniably be the most powerful object in our solar system. Scientific breakthroughs are proven realities in a very unique dimension. Systematically testing theoretical schemes and applying them in practical situations requires some true man-application thinking.

One dimension that we all thought could be the impossible – teleportation – as a matter of the directions our minds were tuned to courtesy of the cinematic experiences we’ve had. But achievements with quantum physics is gradually and systematically proving the engineering possibility.

They arguably seem like around the peripherys of the stuff the Starwars and other space age cinematic dramas have excited our minds to,  but they fundamentally also prove the possibility that given the availability of Energy, Time and Resources, “man” can do what it dreams of.

Quantum teleportation touches on the theory of how atomic particles behave when pairs of them are “entangled” in a quantum state and start to respond like joined twins, even at a distance.
Cryptographers are deeply interested in this field because quantum particles could in principle be used to carry far more data than the binary code of today’s computers, and their information would be impossible to crack. Simply to touch one of the “entangled” pairs would obliterate the message.

Physicists in Switzerland said Sunday they had succeeded in teleporting the quantum state of a photon to a crystal, in which information transited from light to matter, over a record distance of 25 kilometres (15.5 miles).
The experiment, conducted over optical fibre at the University of Geneva, beat the team’s previous record in 2003 of six kilometres.

It showed that “the quantum state of a photon can be maintained while transporting it into a crystal without the two coming directly into contact,” the UNIGE researchers said in a statement.


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