The Broken Country – Ghana!

A broken country view from a citizen....

There seems to be an unrealistic view and realization of the “funny” economics that the government of Ghana and it’s monetary agency seem to be plying. The currency has practically gone “mad”, the economy on a free-ride fall, and yet the solutions proposed, to what is a ballooning expenditure versus productivity, seem to be lacking mature think-through and applied methodology of arrest.


I ask, “Where is the economic model for Ghana and how is it being managed and maintained”? I’ve raised this before, and indeed continue to. The leadership of Ghana resorts to using simple in/out  parameters as equations to implement actions, but  lack a true sense of how-to and when to.  There is no  economic governance so the public is taking to running their own economics which hits back st the nation, further increasing the rate of spoil of the situation. Many a times, governement leadership is quick to use the market price fluctuations of Gold and Cocoa as the key drivers to the countries woes, yet the discerning minds can smell the rotten egg, it simply doesn’t add up.

The Country has quickly become aloof to what’s supposed to drive the agenda of the nation by only resolving to rely on three things – Gold, Cocoa and Oil. All other parameters seem to completely be out of Ghana so called leafership  control because no control system is being monitored and managed, or indeed established for that matter. And yet, someone is a finance minister, and another a leader in this country. Folks, do not be easily convinced by long well rehersed and cohersive explanations that are meant to do just that, keep you in your current state to buy them more time for no justifiable outcome.  The fundamentals continue to be missed in the efforts as a nation, so the how much more waiting and hoping must you give to these set of politicians in the current system of leadership?


Politicians, #NPP, #NDC, #CPP announce big programs in their manifestos but yet fail to announce clear syratgeic initiatives and actionable steps that can yield results, rebukes or sanctions government, and yet many who pay taxes and living life’s of poverty continue to be first in the pollen booth to cast votes for new waves of “murderers” to get back into power? What’s broken?? Ask yourself.  No one holds the governing leadership accountadble, rather it’s about building fancy roads, importing luxury, big public speeches and seeking gaps to funding infrastructure investments without the sacrifices needed on the social front. Such investments that aren’t prudent or well though through hailed as signs of “doing something”.


Above exhbit shows SA’s social foundation is vested in Education.

How do you build a strong and independent country without social “investment’? The state of social despair has led to a gap that’s been infilled by other “apparatus”. The minds of Ghanaians are now mostly quick wins. Short curse, and “how do I make my money”. How do you build a socio-economic climate that is self sustaining, boldly intact at all levels and intollerant of social-devices tantamount to economic development. People who have seen the flaw and gaps in governance allowing themselves to be exploited by others or indeed exploiting the current currency state because of a lack of civic and social infrastructure. How does any sane government in an emerging economy develop a state without the foundations? Are they blind to what’s the root cause? Government agencies and offices plagues with a lack of a strong civic plan and rotten work force who in their multitudes do nothing and get paid, magnified into our society today with many who deliver mediocre and still want tips – case in point how a Ghanaian waiter expects a tip for even poorly serving you?


Continued work on current solutions are just like pain killers, and yet whose to suffer the real consequences? In no time, Ghana has become another example of a country who has it all and has failed. On one hand blessed by God with resources, and on the other hand cursed by God because we have “dug the ground to hide the given resources and knowledge” only to go begging for quick cash.

A nation that cannot bear to execute rightly, feel the pain of execution and yet in the social interest have a proud and civic responsibility urging us on is bound to loose the tide of advantage. We re in the era of many advantages both in the global scheme and ons continental front.


What makes a working country other than civic responsibility if citizenry and a social responsibility of government balanced by an affordable economic scale of inclusiveness. The state of the country now shows an ailing educational system, a weak utilities  system, a poor health system, volunteerism that’s almost absent but by forced measures and 0 (zero) sustainably strategic interventions.
It’s time to rethink our leadership system if we are to break away from the chains that bolt us down to this shame. It’s time, and indeed requires a strong and serious socially par minds to induce this need for seriousness. A leadership that’s no afraid of tenure or bound by tenure and cronyism. A leadership that breaks the stalemate between prudent measures, practical solutions and sound with well informed management principles. We don’t need a diplomatic leadership, but a dsciplined leadership rich with ideas and fearless of failure. A leadership that doesn’t cower to blame but braces blame to remedy with resolved action.

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