Mobile phones impact human cells: Finnish Scientist

Cellphone radio emissions...


It’s not suprising that reseaeches upon research, after over 20 years of mobile technology, concensus on the impact of cell phone radiology on the human being  is still a debate. Of course, no one can live for ever is the capitalist creed and greed to sell “technology” purported to bring a marketing “benefit” whilst suppressing the “other” potential concerns.

In a recent study, a Finnish based scientist yesterday said he has observed that human cells change their structure when exposed to radiation from mobile phones, but could not conclude whether it is harmful or not because funding for the study stopped. We are waking up new human body mass, cell structure, mental disposition and even behavioral tendencies. It’s a new world of thinking only bottom line not the essence of our being anymore.
Parents now give cell phones and radio emmitting devices to their kids in order to promote more connectivity as well as satisfy our new status symbolism of digitally wired. Kids are constantly within real doses of radiation bombardment no matter how small such radiation is, and yet, the study of radiation lacks a concerted view on the impact.


The digitalization of everything is on the rise, connected everything hailed by Internet of Things, wireless living is expected to rise to 50billion wirlesaly connected devices, which equates to about 7 devices per a human. Was the basis of the cell phone radiology study pirorbto the proliferation based on this model of use or adoption? You can think about it yourself.

The scientist Dariusz Leszczynski said that he was working on a research for which funding was promised by a Finnish organisation Tekes, where about 70 per cent fund for research is public money and rest comes from industry. ”When we found that cell phone effects human body the funding stopped because cell phone manufacturers Nokia and Teliasonnera said they don’t like it. The scientific advisory board has industry partners as members. If industry partners doesn’t likes a research, it is often not funded by Tekes,” he told PTI. ”There is effect of cell phone radiation emitted at present levels of safety standards. Protein structure in human skin changes. We could not conclude whether it is harmful or not because our funding stopped,” Leszczynski said.

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